Friday, August 17, 2012


Ripley loves visitors! Her abuelos came to visit again and she was completely smitten. There is nothing like the 'uelita attention she is showered with, but she was also fascinated with her grandpa Johnny this time too! She totally gravitated towards him and made him a teensy bit more comfy with the baby thing. :) I so wish we lived closer to family!

Monday, August 6, 2012

8 months

Life seems busy. I am constantly thinking "after this next task, everything will settle down", and then 5 more things pop up. I'm slowly starting to realize that this is just the new pace. Whew - no wonder I'm looking a bit haggard lately!
Even though it's hectic each new month brings more fun. Ripley spent her seventh month figuring out how to crawl! In the beginning it was this frog jump/belly flop/face plant sort of thing, but she's finally got it all worked out.

Along with crawling she's learned how to sit up longer and pull herself up to standing! She's so excited about all these things! She wants to be mobile so badly, and she refuses to go into the jumper now that she can get around.
She is also very social. She loves to be out and commands attention. She is very friendly and smiles and babbles at people whenever we are out.

We are still figuring out bath time. She wants to move and crawl and play, but I'm so afraid she'll slip. We tried this little bucket, but she only wants to climb out! Oh curious girl.

Everyday I am more in awe and in love with this little girlie. She totally has my heart.