Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Ballet

Yesterday we went to Leeloo’s first ballet. Her dance studio was performing Firebird and a Midsummer’s Night Dream. We picked up one of her best friends, E, and wen to the matinee performance. The girls were so excited just to be in a real theater. 

Once the music started the chiquita was riveted. She was so thrilled to see the Firebird come out. I had to keep reminding her to keep her voice down! She would exclaim, “Firebird!”, “Prince!”, “Monsters!”. She also kept jockeying for the best position to see. It was so much fun to have her on my lap and feel heart heart beating fast. She truly loved it!

During intermission the girls got some time to play and talk about the show. They even made friends with the teens sitting behind us who were giggling at their questions.

By the middle of the second act, Leeloo was ready to dance. She kept whispering in my ear “I wanna go up there mommy”, “I wanna dance too!”. 

After the show we happened to win the raffle. The firebird dancer’s toe shoes and a private lesson! Hopefully they’ll let E come too!