Thursday, March 21, 2013


The chiquita falls quite often. She's a toddler - that's what they do. Wander, wander, wander, fall, wander some more, fall, fall, fall. At this point she falls, and as a parent I pause to see if she cries or fusses before I move. She's a tough one too, so sometimes I find scrapes and bruises when I have missed the fall completely.

When she became mobile I made sure we baby proofed and padded everything. Luckily we have carpet, so most of the spills are cushioned, but there are edges and corners that pose a threat. Of course the girly figured out how to detach all the foam barriers as soon as she started standing. I tried and tried to re-adhere them, but she would just pull them off again. Babyproofing: 0, Baby: 1.

The other night I wished I would have been more tenacious. She toddled and fell right into the corner of the TV stand. There was a terrible thud that no mother ever wants to hear, followed by a silent baby laying face down. It was one of those super slow motion mama moments that really only lasts a second. By the time I reached her she was crying. When I lifted her a thick glob of blood had already formed and was dripping down her face. Two towels, a band aid and ice pack later she was fine. 

Poor chiquita - I'm sure there are many more falls to come...

First band aid.
She makes her brothers so nervous! Boo immediately found the corner protectors and put them back on. This is what she did: