Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year, Halloween wasn't a singular night of Trick o' Treating, it was a month long whirlwind extravaganza! This was the first year that Ripley could really be in on the action. Last year she was just barely toddling around. We pinned a tail and added some ears, but the whole Halloween thing was beyond her. This was her first cognizant Halloween - and wow, did she love it!

Ripley's first Halloween.
The festivities started early, since I was not only responsible for her costume, but for the boys too! B was easy - a generic "military guy", but Z (who keeps me on my toes), wanted to be a Predator. Many Google searches, and lots of brainstorming, later I had a plan.  I began early in the month, but I was figuring out final details right up to the wire. All in all, I gave myself a gold star for the project. Some of it didn't hold up to a 9 year old's rambunctiousness, but for a few golden moments it was awesome!

Serious gold stars for this one.

Ripley's costume was also difficult. The boys voted for her to be Boo from Monster's Inc. With my mom and tia's help it was finished in a day - then she rejected it. I mean adimantlly saying "No!" and running away rejection. So I had to go back to the drawing board.

People always comment that Leeloo looks like Snow White. It was an easy direction to take. Thank Pinterest for lots of ideas. After another afternoon she had the cutest princess costume (and mostly no sew!). When I dressed her in it I realized that she is significantly less tomboy than I think - she loved looking all girly!

Ideas were gathered here:


Aside from the costumes, we were also involved in planning a Halloween party. I have decided that I love throwing kid parties. The crafts and gifts and games - it's all so fun. Luckily, we have friends with houses and yards, so everyone doesn't have to try to cram into our little space.

Ami helping her granddaughter in the Pumpkin Patch.

Ripley trying an egg roll.

These were meant for "Boo-ling" but stacking was just as fun.

Little peg people I got to make as gifts.

Fun skull eggs that held surprises.
Party ideas are here:

Halloween fell on a Thursday, so the weekend before the chiquita and her favorite friend went Trick o' Treating around some local restaurants. This gave us a chance to try on the Boo costume.

Here's a close-up of the hood (modeled by my mother).
I also made a cute bag to match. Here it is as a work in progress.


The whole month was kinda festive. Poor girl. I just bought more stuff on sale. Halloween por vida!
Teddy even has the spirit.

I'm a sucker for grocery store balloons.

Hanging out.

The skeleton princess.

One balloon to rule them all!!! (esp. grandma)

Hat found in my costume box. New fave.

And then there are our everyday outfits.

Halloween morning we went to the park and the chiquita got to wear her Boo costume again. She tolerated it, but still didn't really like it. The scales are made from glow-in-the-dark puff paint, so maybe it was the smell?


After all this build up Halloween night was especially fun. The girls looked darling and watching them Trick O' Treat was the definition of joy.

Happy Halloween everyone!