Sunday, July 21, 2013

First movie

Miss Ella and Leeloo got to experience their first movie together, Despicable Me 2. Ella was so calm and collected, she sat the whole time. My little one was almost the opposite. She was excited and jubilant, clapping and cheering and then later climbing and wandering. We took two lobby breaks and a couple of mama's milk moments, but all and all she did well. There is a movie in the park on Friday. That might go better.

North Carolina

Summer vacations have been redefined for me post children. There is no longer the expectation of a relaxing time. It is all about the kids, their schedules and their general happiness. Throw some jet lag into the mix and it's kinda zombie town in a foreign environment. That being said, our first family trip with the whole family was a (mostly) good one.

I won't deny it - we brought out the big guns for the plane rides- two iPads, two iPods, two smart phones, lots of snacks and plenty of toys. The hardest thing was trying to keep Leeloo on a lap. Now that's she's mobile all she wants to do is explore. Luckily her brothers were nearby to distract her. However I think this may have been her last fight as a "lap child". She is totally ready for her own seat.

 After a drive to the airport, a three hour flight, a four hour layover, another three hour flight and then a two hour drive we all crashed. But the next day - we were ready!

Leeloo's first cart ride:

Learning about this fishing thing in Nana's pond.

The jet lag was a killer. This was all three kiddos around midnight - no sleep in sight!

It was warm during our visit. Luckily there is always super yummy ice cream to be found.

There is also the coolest playground I've ever seen, called Camelot.

Most of the action wore the chiquita out.

We had plenty of opportunity to explore different places. Her is the young one in a whole new backyard.

And nobody lets her be bored.

Once again with the sleepyness.

Nana had all sorts of fun toys.

And big lakes that we had to keep Leeloo from jumping in.

The kids decided Grandpa's office was the place to be.

There was also plenty of iPad time.

Ripley also loved Nana's door.

By the time we were ready to fly again she was exhausted.

But her brothers perked her up.

 All in all - a week passes too quickly.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

Like the majority of our holidays these days, Fourth of July started in the park. We took balloons and flags and bubbles and let the kiddos loose. There's something about having a little one that makes the holidays a little more shiny. Everything is new to them, and in the chiquita's case everything is super exciting.

Balloons are great location devices for wandering children.

All the little ones were donning stripes.

I am absolutely in love with Leeloo's little sailor dress. Too cute!

And the back of the dress is even cuter!

Ripley and her friend chasing bubbles (cause that's what kids do).
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Later that night we went to a park up the street for fireworks.

Two years ago I was pregnant. Last year the chiquita was asleep. And this year she looked like this:

Just a little excited.
She was occasionally interested, but mostly she wanted to jump on mami and eat snacks.
All and all it was great. Next year she may even be ready for sparklers :)