Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hungry Hungry Hippo

The food cravings have officially kicked in. Goodness gracious.
I have to admit, I have not had the best nutrition/eating habits in my life. I've never really known true hunger, so I could go a day a skip most meals. Or when I was busy I'd just stock up on Ensure and have one if I started to get a headache. Not the best for my body.
Since I've been pregnant I have been sure to eat regularly and healthily. I am lucky that I didn't get the first trimester morning sickness, but there are definitely foods I steer clear from. Mostly greasy things or stuff that is overly spiced (red pasta sauce seems to be on that list). However, these last couple of weeks have changed all of that.
I am hungry. Officially. This morning I started with an English muffin and cream cheese with fruit. Not enough. The girls want more. Snack snack snack. What's worse? Craving anything that's mentioned. I see anything and I want it. Fish and chips, potato skins, chocolate mousse, oh my! The worst is hamburgers.
I am not a fast-food connoisseur at all. But right now I could eat a fast-food hamburger and fries everyday. It's ridiculous! I've tried substituting veggie burgers to no avail. Its not what they want. Just typing this I can hear the grumblies starting. I am holding onto my will power to eat healthily regardless of what the babies want, but man oh man, nothing sounds better than giving in. :)

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