Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brinca Machine

I have done it. I have succumbed. I have bowed down to the baby gods and let plastic baby equipment take over. In my naive pre-baby world I was convinced that all we needed to parent was a blanket and maybe a bouncy chair. We live in an apartment where space is coveted, so I was determined to keep it relatively baby-free. I know that many babies are raised sans the plastic/bouncy/flashy/noisy paraphernalia, but after a few months with a high demand child I can appreciate the small blocks of time these devices allow me.
The newest addition to our growing romper room is the jumperoo - which I have dubbed the Brinca Machine. It is massive. I had to move an armchair just so it could fit in our space without making it more of a obstacle course. Chiquita LOVES it. She bounces and smiles and looks and all the shiny lights. Oh, brinca machine, I despise the idea of you, but I love that I can now eat my lunch with actual chewing involved. :)

(ps - yes, I have freestyle on my iPod)

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