Friday, June 8, 2012

6 months

Happy half-birthday my sweet girl!

The headbands didn't last very long, she figured out how to pull them off in about a day.

Still love her sleepy sweetness.

Baby Legs are a favorite. 

All bundled up for a gloomy day, warm baby = happy baby.

She's outgrowing her K'Tan. Sad days indeed. 

Another bundles day. She is actually kinda starting to like her car seat now. Score!

Ami's visit for Mother's Day. 

Two of her faves. However, sock monkey rules them all.

Alphapillar is gonna be a favorite for a long time.

Already a gymnast! 

Z loves to cuddle in the am.

Yummy (and messy) banana.

I control these things? Whoa.

Boo kisses :)

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