Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9 months

Yay! Ripley turned 9 months. Well, technically, her 9 month bday was two and a half weeks ago. But yay for 9 months!
These days the little one is in full steam mode. Everyday there isn't just one new thing but several, and what isn't new gets fine tuned. It's all very fun and exciting and exhausting (at least on the mama front). She has finally graduated to napping on her own which gives me time to eat and shower and check email (you know, the basics). I also finally gave into a baby cage. Chiquita was too fast and clever when she got the crawling thing all figured out. Now she's finding weaknesses in the gate - one day I'm sure I'll find her climbing over it!
Gone are the days when we were waiting for her to do stuff. Here are the days when we are trying to keep up. She is vivacious and happy and super fun. I am bursting with the mama love.

Loving on her Sara (my beautiful Goddess daughter)
She has decided that she loves sand. Beach Betty fo' sho'.

Learning the basics to sand castle building.

Luckily she has a Sara to take her out into the waves (mama likes much warmer water).
On our way to AZ. Four hours in the terminal - chiquita was a trooper.
With her Abuelita - we may have been sad in Tucson, but she did her best to cheer us all up.
Hanging out with Tio Chris.
My auntie and mom introduced her to the mall, specifically the kids play yard. She loved it!

You can tell she was having a great time. 

I call this her tata face. Scrunchy and devious!

Flying with her Uncle Terry. 
With her Tia and her Cousin Dillon (after he decided being a cousin wasn't all that bad)

Uncle Steve has already got this kid thing down!
On our way back to Cali. 

She was so great on the plane. 
Back at home it was business as usual.  Here she was helping daddy correct Z's homework.

When a baby meets Avocado.

This is my favorite dress of the moment.
She is so very close to the walking thing.
As always - she loves her Uncle Dave.

She officially graduated to a big girl carseat this month!
I am not a fan of the tele - but sometimes Big Bird is needed.
She still loves the pool too! 
Before the baby gates - I tried everything to barricade this girl in.

Little stick on earrings make me wanna put holes in her ears for the reals!

Our adventures in food have been quite fun.

So far - she like almost everything :)

My goal is to blog once a week. So far, once or twice a month is the norm. Goals are good things to have. :)

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