Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vomit and Poop

This is what it is to be a parent.

Last night Leeloo decided to see what the teapot was like - down her throat. Immediately she began to Linda Blair and projectile vomit all over the carpet. A bath, a rag, and a vacuum later, she of course was hungry again.

Tonight as she was exiting the bath she began to struggle with dad. I was out of the room but I heard this kinda dialogue:

"Daddy! Daddy!"
"What are you doing?"
"What? I dunno why you're squirming. Wait? Are you pooping? Oh you're pooping!"
Tears and sobs.

By the time I got in there, the chiquita was standing naked in front of dad and looked super sad. In the tub was a pile of poop. D was trying to get her back int the tub because she wasn't finished and I stopped him, opting for the potty chair instead. She sat willingly, but cried the whole time. My drama queen. I think she was shocked and embarrassed.

Poor girl - she is understanding more and more everyday but still in the in-between of language and reason. Even when she bridges the gap I have to remember that she will still probably ignore some (most) of what I say and make poor decisions.

Yes. What it is like to be a parent.

On a happy note - here are some fountain pics of her not being gross at all.

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