Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leo Carrillo Ranch (aka the Peacock Park)

I moved to San Diego county in 2009. Wow, 5 years - I just need to let that sink in for a second!

At that time I began hanging out with the boys and tromping up and down the coast. I've always liked kids, so it was fun and natural to explore the world around us. When the chiquita came along my perimeter got astoundingly smaller, we still ventured out, but it was always more close to home. Now thats she's a whopping 2 and a half that perimeter is expanding again! Internal happy dance!

Funny thing is: one of our favorite new spots? 5 minutes away. Yep. Right down the street and we only discovered it recently. That's the way it goes sometimes.

It's actually my own fault. I had heard a friend talking about the "peacock park" for a while, but we were always so wrapped up in schedule that we never checked it out. Finally we made plans to meet there for lunch one day. Since then it has joined our weekly routine. Leeloo loves it and always asks to go.

Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch is just up the street from us in Carlsbad, CA. From the main road you wouldn't know that such a charming place was just down the drive. The city has converted the ranch into a historic site, with a little museum, and lots of memorabilia from Leo Carrillo who played the Cisco Kid. The kiddos don't notice any of that - what they like are the peacocks. So many peacocks!

Our first visit we wandered into a little picnic area awaiting our friends. In moments we were surrounded. They are not people shy at all, and I have to constantly remind the chiquita that they are not animals to pet.

I'm so happy we found this place. It's perfect for picnics or just for a little walk. Yay peacock park!

Our first visit:


And since then, we go quite often.

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