Thursday, September 4, 2014

Disneyland: Day 3

On our third day we (I) had two goals for the chiquita:

1. For her to meet Anna & Elsa from Frozen.

2. For her to meet Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow.

We put breakfast on hold and went directly to the line for Magic Hour. We were there so early that we got to see the rope drop on Main Street. Our mission was for D to hop in line to meet Anna & Elsa and I would take the kids on a few rides. About half way into the Peter Pan line D wandered up and informed us that the Frozen line was already 2 and 1/2 hours long! Crazy talk. This is still officially about 50 minutes before Disney actually opened their gates. The little girl loves Frozen, but not enough to warrant that much time lost in a line. We rode Peter Pan, which is fun and magical and a good way to start off the morning, then we headed to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell.

The chiquita was proudly dressed as her favorite fairy that day, so she was very excited. At the entrance we realized we had the second strike of the day. No Tinkerbell, only Silver Mist. The line was only 15 minutes though so we jumped on in. About 40 minutes later, we finally made our way into the tall blades of grass. The wait was long, but for a good reason. Once in the Hollow we were the only ones there. Silver Mist was very inviting and called the little one her "good friend Tinkerbell" the whole time (major points won in my book). She even pointed to the Tinker house and said: "Thanks for inviting me over to play!". After a semi-disspointing morning it was a nice pick-me-up.
Technology for long lines.

Getting her autograph book in order.

It's a fairy!

Her brothers were so patient.

Tinker house.

As soon as we said goodbye to our pixie friend, food was the only thing on our minds. We headed back down main street and into the Carnation Cafe. As a person with many food allergies I have to admit that I was mainly living off of salads the whole vacation. So that morning I went full fledged steak and eggs. Disney has lots of things that people crave, but most of it is on par with fair food, or sweet. My food allergies prevent anything deep fried, or bread based, so Disney food is not my friend. I was very hungry this trip.

The breakfast was great - and it was nice to actually sit down for a bit and relax (knowing that we were already in the park and had no real agenda). I did have a few regrets after we decided to go on the Mark Twain boat directly after. Nothing like too much food into an empty stomach on a boat without bathrooms. I was planning escape routes for most of the jaunt. Luckily I only turned green and didn't actually have to jump ship.

Just before the nausea.

Everyone was kinda dragging at that point. Third day fatigue. The boys wanted to go back to Cali Adventure to ride the roller coaster again. The chiquita had saturated her Tinkerbell dress in chocolate ice cream, and I was just reverting back to a normal skin tone. It was time for a break.

D needed a nap too.
There's nothing like nap time to make you feel better. I think americans should take a cue from Mexico on this one, siesta is good.

Our third day afternoon goals were much more achievable. I wanted to see a parade, and D wanted to try a corn dog. We managed to to do both at once. No frustration at all.

Corn dogs and chips (again, nothing for ma)

She loved that parade!

So much excitement!
After the parade we wandered to all the parts of Cali Adventure that we hadn't seen. Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, really scary Mad Hatter Party. It was a good second half of the day. After that we had to return to Disney for the 7th, 8th, & 9th rides of Pirates, which ended just in time to catch our last set of fireworks.

It was so great to be able to walk back to our hotel after. It was wonderful to go eat breakfast the next day before we had to check out. 

The chiquita had a full melt down when the valet brought our car around. I actually had to take her aside and talk her down. I think she thought Disney was our new forever home. What 2 year old wouldn't want that?

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