Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

Wow! Just returned to the cool ocean breeze from the crazy heat of Arizona. I know its my home town and all, but 110 degrees is crazy ridiculous!
Despite the heat I got to see lots of friends and family and it made this whole preggo thing all the more real. I also finally got my baby bump! They pushed out almost over night and it actually looks like I'm expecting. I do feel way bigger than I thought I would, but I have to keep telling myself there are two little ones in there, Im supposed to be big.
The heat also brought out the evilness of swelling. My feet and hands were especially sausage-like. Heels are now a thing of the past, sad sad face for this shorty girl. It looks like they are shrinking back to normal since I'm out of the furnace, but I'm sure it was only a preview for things to come.
Another big milestone on my visit: my first trip to the Maternity sections! Big tent shopping all the way ;) I was still super swollen so the fitting rooms were not fun at all, but my mom and auntie were there and very encouraging. I got lots of dresses, some pants and leggins, and one little black dress for anything fancy. Im thinking these will take me through term, but after googling 9 month twin bellies, Im not too sure! Here's to wishful thinking...

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