Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two babies!

Based on my age and a couple of irregular births in my family I was sent to the Ultrasound tech at only 9 weeks. I was so very excited to see the baby (notice, singular, bab-Y). With a little surprise in her voice, the tech said, oh! you didn't tell me you're having twins. And there they were, up on the screen, babies, plural. Complete and utter shock.

While I smiled and cried and repeatedly said two, two babies, over and over, the tech took all the measurements, etc. They are the same size (despite the pic, Baby A is already a camera lover), and they have their own sacs and placentas. I got to see them wiggle and their little hearts beat, which I'm sure is amazing to everyone, but I am completely in awe.

We've had just over a week to let it sink in, and now I am scouring the web for advice and help and baby things for two. Mostly I keep taking lots of naps and deep breaths, we are gonna have a great ride.

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