Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not so fun.

The last two appointments were no fun at all. Monday I had Radiology scheduled. The only time I could get was at 8:40am so that meant leaving the house around 7 to be stuck in gridlock for an hour. I finally got there (with a whole five minutes to spare) and managed not to pee my pants since you must have a full bladder for the test. 32oz of water plus two babies is a bit much for my belly (no mater what size it is!). The test began, and all the measurements went quickly and smoothly until they got to Baby B. She has a tendency to curl into a little ball when they want to look at her and makes it hard for them to see all the necessary parts. None of the techs have been able to monitor her R Outflow Valve in her heart yet. Monday's tech was having the same problem. So I got up, walked around, touched my toes, twisted and bent and tried to get the little babe to move. No luck. Another tech was called in and proceeded to push his weight on my belly to bully Baby into moving. It hurt. He apologized, but continued to push and pinch to get the view. By the end of it I don't even know if he was successful. I went home wondering if I was gonna show bruises the next day.

Tuesday I woke up sore, but without bruises. I headed down to Zion again for my Perinatology visit. At least the appointment was at 10am so it only took 40 minutes to get there. My doc was very nice, she will be with me until delivery. She went through the whole twin breakdown (basically anything that can go wrong with a baby has a double chance with twins). Then she went to look at the girls. Baby A was still head down and all stretched out. Her heart also sounded nice and strong. Baby B had moved. She is now head up and curled into the tiniest ball under my rib cage. When the doc went to check her heart it was very slow. She had me turn on my side and the rate came up to normal. But it was enough to concern her. She called up to Labor and Delivery and told them I was coming up for monitoring. The doc then explained to me that if the heart rate wasn't stable to be prepared to be admitted and get ready for steroids. This way, if they decided to deliver the babies then and there they would have help with lung development. Scary. I stayed calm. The babies were hooked up for about an hour and a half, and the L&D doc said they looked great and strong. I got to go home.

My tummy is still sore. I wonder if Baby B is truly ok after being manhandled by the male tech. She was doing fine until she got bullied. And now she still hasn't uncurled. I am taking it easy and feeling for her kicks and happy that I have a bit of a rest before I go back to the doc.

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