Sunday, December 4, 2011

37 weeks

I did it - 6 days of appointments in a row, and I survived! Haha.
My Glucose test was excruciatingly boring, but so worth it when my test results showed no signs of gestational diabetes at all!
Thursday's NST exam was the usual, Baby B was non-responsive, so they scheduled another appointment for me on Saturday at the hospital. I went in after all my morning errands and even though she wasn't responsive on the strip, she was moving and kicking and practicing her breathing - all the good things the docs look for. They babies also still have great fluid and look wonderful overall.
The next milestone for me is 38 weeks. At that point they want to induce labor. Something about the babies getting too big and a possibility of running out of amniotic fluid. I've been having some small cramps in the morning, so maybe I won't even have to deal with induction at all. We'll see what the week brings...

Besides all the appointments I have still been working and doing my day to day routine. Yesterday I got to go to my twin group's Christmas party. It was so great seeing all the little ones in one place! Two couples with younger babies were using the Snap N Go stroller that we decided on, so it was great to see that in action. They were also very encouraging and positive about the first few months. Main advice: a solid routine is key.
Here's a pic of Santa time, so many twins!

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