Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The week of appointments continues.

Today was Radiology. Unfortunately my appointment was early which meant I had to be out of the house by 7 to make it to the hospital by 8:30. Gotta love grid lock.

Best news: Baby B has turned! Both girls are head down!!! Yay yay yay, super dance of joy! This gives me the highest chance of a natural birth. Now I'm crossing my fingers that they stay that way!

The babies were measured today too. Baby A is a whopping 6.8 pounds! She is a whole 3 days ahead of growth rate based on the due date. Baby B is smaller at 5.10 pounds. Which I think for a twin is awesome, but she's in the 19th percentile, so they almost used it as a reason to keep me in the hospital today - but lucky for me, I got to go home!

I am so happy that these girls are growing well and hanging in there. Yay for happy babies! Thanks to everyone for their support, advice and encouragement. Lots of love sent to all of you.

Two more appointments to go this week: NST and Glucose test. Then the weekend off!

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