Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colic - another way to say "I dunno"

Our little monchichi is gassy. Not in a demure, giggly "I've got the vapors" way. She's gassy in a burping, farting, make her brothers turn their heads from across the room cause it's so loud, sorta way. So much sound coming out of someone so tiny is hilarious most of the time, until her eyebrows scrunch and her lip quivers and her body tenses, cause she is beyond uncomfortable.  With that discomfort comes a pterodactyl screech and makes me pout, no mama wants to see their baby in pain.

I wouldn't say she's a fussy baby. She really only cries when she needs something. That being said, she has been crying more and more with her gas pains, which wakes her up. Add that to the three hour sleep cycle plus the fact that she only wants to pacify on my nipple- shouldn't be hard to guess that I haven't been getting a whole lotta sleep lately.

When we saw the pediatrician I asked her about the whole gassy baby issue. Her diagnosis? Colic. Typical for babies before they are three months old. Her solution: wait it out. Um, seriously? The lactation consultant didn't have much more advice. Although she did encourage me to get over my fear of co-sleeping which has given me a little more rest. But, the general consensus seems to be that some babies have temperamental tummies for no real reason. Oh the age of science and wisdom...

We have tried Gripe water and I'm gonna buy some fresh manzanilla (chamomile) to make her tea. Other than that there doesn't seem to be many more options. At the moment she is breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. If her belly badness continues after the three month mark I plan to look into either changing up formula (if we still need it), or once again limiting my diet.  Until then I will try to keep my patience.

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