Thursday, April 25, 2013


The main difference between pre-baby and now is that life is constantly busy. Not in a we have plans everyday way, but in a there's something to do at all times sorta way. And moments like this, when Leeloo is sleeping, all I wanna do is sit on the couch and vegetate before the whirlwind starts again. 

Today, while my brain was drefragging, I had a quiet moment of appreciation. I push all day, everyday, to make sure the kids are eating correctly, and using their manners, and respectful, and clean, and cautious, and studying and being overall good and happy people. Raising humans is so exhausting and time consuming, it's easy to just trudge through and forget that it's also totally awesome. I love when things settle for a moment and I get a chance to recognize how lucky I am. I have a partner that supports me being at home, I have a healthy daughter who is so delightful and fun, I have two wonderful stepsons that are bursting with energy and comedy, I am totally blessed.

Now that thats said, the chiquita is up, time to go again!

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