Sunday, April 14, 2013

San Elijo Country Fair

When I was a wee one, my weekend dad would find lots of things for us to do on Saturdays and Sundays. Hiking, museums, family or fairs - most likely it was free, but also lots of fun. The nostalgia in me loves to find local things to do, and now that I have the chiquita I am finding more and more. It's so wonderful to tromp around with her. I think this has got to be one of the best ages - everything is new and there is so much joy and excitement!

This weekend was our neighborhood school's Country Fair. Even though it was kinda a gloomy day we wandered over and had a fantastic time of it. We started off on the playground, which is an instant draw wherever we are. We saw all sorts of park kids, sans nannies, and got funny looks from their parents when we said hi. Even though the little girl recognizes other kids she's still very much a loner and wizzed by them on her own mission. She passed yet another milestone when she realized she could climb up to the tallest slide and slide down on her own!

After many many MANY times down the slide, the chiquita took her first train ride. It was a little three car thing that went along the basketball courts, but that didn't stop Leeloo from throwing her hands up and yelling Yayyyy! She also waved at the onlookers and insisted on a second ride. After the train she briefly ended up in jail (let's hope for the only time in her life!).

Leeloo broke out and rode to freedom on her very first pony! Seriously, it was so very cute. I didn't know if she'd like the pony at all, but she smiled and giggled. Even the handler (who had been walking around the same circle with kids for hours) was laughing at the chiquita's exuberance.

The little one liked it so much that when it was time to dismount she started to cry. It usually takes a pretty hard fall to get that kinda wail so I knew she was really upset. Fortunately, there was a petting zoo right next door and as soon as she saw the baby goats her whimpers subsided and she was pure joy again.

There were also chickens and bunnies there,  but the goats and the hay were better than everything.
The animals were such a hit - I think we're gonna have to find a farm in the future! Either that or kickstart our commune - someone's bound to fund that right?

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