Thursday, August 29, 2013


Legoland just happens to be about fifteen minutes away from where we live. Seriously - it's right across the street from Costco. SoCal - all about the tourism. The boys have always asked to go, but with a family of five it's a small fortune to spend the day. This year we caved. I am officially a year pass card holder. And lemme tell ya - it's kinda great.

Initially, we did a end-of-the-summer long day with the whole family visit. The boys were extremely patient while they spent the morning with us in Duplo (kiddie) land. After lunch, the chiquita and I headed home for a nap, and they got to spend the rest of their day on roller coasters with dad. Win win.

But, since it's so close, it's super convenient. Leeloo woke up around three today and was, um, "energetic". I didn't have any errands, so what to do? Legoland! We got there at about 4:30 and the park closes at 6 - plenty of time for a not-quite two year old. She had a great time, we rode a boat, she played on the spray ground, and she got to ride the train (her fave) again. Not too shabby for a Thursday afternoon!

The good thing about the year pass is that it gives us time to explore. The park is huge - with a water park and an aquarium. We have only made it this far after two trips:

It takes us half an hour just to get to the lasso'd Duplo area. It's not a long walk but the chiquita has short legs (and is highly distractible).  Like I said - good thing we have a year!

So many things are interactive.

Today she played in the house for about half an hour (there is a slide on the other side).

Like I said - she loves it!

She leaves it all on the playground :)

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