Friday, December 6, 2013

And she's 2!

I didn't realize how full our day was until I gathered all the pics and video. Her big party is on the weekend, but her day had to be special too. I think this chiquita is getting the idea behind this whole birthday thing!

2 year stats:

Height - taller than most of her friends.

Words -
The new addition is "mine" (not mami's favorite).
She says "pleeeeaaaase" with both eyes closed and her hands clasped in front of her.
She's also learning how to apologize - the words aren't there, but she gently pets your cheek if she's sorry.
She also has little Ripley-isms: Num-nummies = food. Beep beep = car.
The rest are a mix of one word spanglish. She'll string together things like "Mami no", "ready, set, go!" or "where'd he go?" but no full sentences yet.
Her favorite phrase: Where's grandpa?

Fave toys:
Mimi bunny - first thing that she's actually named.
Harmonica - and she's so good at it!
Any type of ball.
Any type of hat.
And the newly discovered baby doll.

Chiquita banana loves to color or paint or draw. Lately she's begun to copy what mommy does. Circles, straight lines, zig zags. It's one of our favorite activities.

She's begun to hug and kiss her friends goodbye. It's too amazingly adorable.

Screen time:
Her first favorite movie was Hotel Transylvania. New faves include: The Lorax, Tinkerbell, Curious George, Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba and Monster's Inc. She'll sit intently if she likes what's on - if she doesn't, the screen won't even grab her attention (sand for the boys when they're trying to watch their shows and she only wants them to play).

She loves everything! And she loves to have dance parties!

Silly-ness: She's a copy-cat. One thing that's constant: when she sees someone fall, she lays down and grabs her knee while saying "ow, ow, ow" (all with a smile).

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