Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lights at the Botanical Gardens

After all the death/loss/tragedy I am finally starting to get the holiday spirit back. This year we did lots of things with the kiddos that were jolly. One of which was visiting the local Botanical Gardens which is kinda great. We happened to go to a bday party there and it's very much kid oriented.
However, we planned a quick trip on one of the coldest nights we've had. It was packed and dark. We also went mostly because they had snow, but that turned out to be one little dingy rectangle of mushy ice.

We had fun, but I think we'll save the next entry fee ( $50: two adults, two kids, youngest was free) for a daytime event :)

The event did have a big win though, I actually got a great pic of the kids and managed to get a holiday card out. First one in 10 years I think - def. 1st one since I've been suburbanized. So, there was that!

First Marshmallow

She had to sneak into the brother pic. 

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