Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Valentines Playdate

Valentines was simple this year. As a rule I think Valentines should be simple every year. Be thoughtful and tell the people in your world that you love them. That's it. Done.

Instead of a big to-do we (my partner in party crime and I) decided to have a small playdate with crafts and snacks.

It was simple, fun a filled with just enough pick and hearts to be holiday worthy.

We decided to put all our old crayons to use and make cute crayon hearts.

The process took way longer than Pinterest said it would, but the results were worth it.

We also made these little Love Bugs.

We had a table dedicated to popsicle puppets and homemade Valentines.

What is VDay without sugary goodness?

The homemade play dough was the biggest success. When is play dough a failure?

 Not pictured: heart shaped watermelon bites, mac and cheese baked cups and the rest of the non-sugar healthy good snacks we had.

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