Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Frozen was the second movie Leeloo got to see at the theater (Despicable Me 2 being the first). She was super excited to be there with her brothers and her abuelita, but we were a little late, so instead of row seating we were at the far back right corner of the theater sitting two by two. She seemed fine sitting next to me and was really excited by her snacks, but as the theater went dark I realized that she was wearing her sparkle boots. The cute ones that have twinkle lights that turn on with every bump. She soon realized that we could have our own private disco! Mom fail.

The experience (despite the shoes) went very much like her first time. She sat for about half an hour, then wanted to explore a bit. We went in the lobby and wandered about, looked at movie posters and then moseyed back into the theater (maybe 20 min later?). Then after a bit she wanted to wander again, and sit with her brothers, and have more disco time, and look at the movie posters some more... Fairly typical behavior for my just 2 year old.

Since there was so much meandering I didn't think Leeloo particularly liked the movie. She had fun, but turn Tinkerbell on and she's zombied out into fairy land - complete attention. However, despite all the distractions, the music from the movie completely resonated with her. Everyday she brings me the iGuy and asks to watch Frozen songs. She'll start with "Let It Go", then "Snowman" and "Summer". Not only does she smile and dance, but she sings! Her whole being lights up and she loves it. Just one of the many highlights in our day.

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