Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 weeks

I have a feeling these last two months are gonna be a challenge. Each day that the girls get bigger I can feel more pressure on my pelvis and my back. Today's ultrasound revealed that they are jockeying for head position - each one wants to be first out! I am happy that they are still head down, but wowsers does it make me sore.
My doc is very confident in my pregnancy. She thinks I look great for 31 weeks (which is very reassuring since I really have no idea how this pre-mama thing should feel). General stats: Thyroid: good. Blood pressure: good. Diabetes: negative (but borderline). Sugars and proteins: good. Cervical length: good. Dilation: none. Shiny gold star for my body!
Downsides to 3rd trimester: I feel full most of the time (regardless of how much I eat), I can't seem to lie flat without getting nauseous, my back hurts for the latter half of each day, and I'm very round. Besides that I can't really be bitchy. Also, I am 100% thankful that I am not on bed rest. Yay for mobility!

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