Thursday, October 13, 2011

Onesies here, onesies there...

When I found out I was pregnant I psyched myself up for all the usual things: morning sickness, back-ache, swollen feet - what I didn't prepare for were the other curve balls. Like colds and allergies without medication.
I just got back from my last Tucson visit before the girls come. I grew up in the desert and was so excited to see everyone and have my first baby shower. The one thing I forgot? I'm allergic to dust. No problem when I could pop Claritin everyday. But without it? Holy sniffling, sneezing and coughing batman! Despite utilizing every tissue in sight I had a great time, and the shower was lots o' fun.
Everyone was super generous and we got some of the cutest things! Lots and lots of pink, onesies, matching outfits, diapers and toys! I was overwhelmed by all the stuff, but the scary thing is - we still need more! I love you babies (even if you have turned me into a breeding consumer!)

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