Saturday, February 4, 2012

(almost) 2 months

Big girl is two months old on Monday! Everyone tells you it goes so fast, and they are right. Just today we retired the last of her newborn onesies. She's just too long for them - maybe she'll be tall like her dad's side of the family. She also went up a diaper size. We're still using disposables, but she should fit in her cloths any day now.

Good things:
-She loves her mobile (which gives me time to shower).
-The bouncy chair also remains a good place for naps.
-Recently she's spending time on the floor, however tummy time is not a fave.
-She's starting to smile more (which I adore).
-She's starting to sleep for five hours at night, it's not consistent, but still- big huge awesomeness for me!

-She still has grumpy tummy days. I have used gripe water and chamomile, but I fear the Elimination Diet is in my future. Mixed with my food allergies I think I may be restricted to rice and fish. Much more research before I hack my food back that far.
-She's becoming a mama's girl. Remember that spoiling I mentioned? It's in full effect.
-We haven't established a routine yet. So everyday has a different schedule, def keeps me on my toes.

On the mama front things are going fairly well. Two months in and I'm still mostly a hermit. We have been to the store and out to eat a couple of times. Yesterday we even went to a friends for dinner. Sunday is Superbowl and we will be out all day with the whole family. It's all about the baby steps.

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  1. Glad to hear about the baby steps. She is beautiful. And if you haven't heard, dropping a small piece of peppermint in her water helps with the tummy aches. I used it with Mazen a lot when he was a baby, and have passed the trick on to many Moms since that have sworn by it. <3