Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tucson: Day 1

Yay for smaller airports! After our first flight ever it was nice to know that we weren't landing into some giant monstrosity like Dallas. Tucson airport is easy peasy.

During our flight there was a poor little toddler wailing (almost as if the universe was giving me a glimpse of what it could've been like). So, on our way off the plane a couple people asked me how such a little baby could make so much noise. Um, not my baby! Poor mama, I felt her pain.

We were later than the crowd to get to the luggage carousel (last row takes a while to move) and our bags were swirling around the belt. My auntie and step-dad were gonna fetch us, but I couldn't see them anywhere. So, baby in one arm, I managed to pull off the bags and drag them over to the chairs. Super mama - woot! I called and they were just down the way waiting for us at a different gate. I suppose the airport isn't quite so tiny after all!

By that time chickadee was tired of the whole traveling game. I changed her diaper, and made her a bottle, but she was fed up. Total solidarity with the plane mama - here was my baby going from cranky to full wail force.

My auntie held her squirming body while we hoofed it to the car rental counter. Everything was in order, but they didn't have a car. I smiled and was patient while I could hear the super cry in the background. My poor step-dad, he's not a baby person at all and here was this little ball of loudness that was headed to his home. I think the counter lady finally felt pity on me because she upgraded us to a much nicer car at no charge.

My parents took the extra Mia car seat to Arizona since we didn't need two. It was wonderful to have something familiar to use, even if I had to adjust all the straps since it was fresh outta the box. Chica even calmed down in the car (which is rare) and I managed to drive us all the way back to my parents house. Day o' travel was complete!

Playing with her overjoyed abuelita.

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