Friday, November 18, 2011

35 weeks

One whole week before the girls are considered full term!

Doctor stats: My perinatologist thinks I look great and is very impressed with my pregnancy. Despite all the worry I really have had a great time with it. And I think I'm even enjoying it more now that I'm on the home stretch and it seems like most of the doctor doom and gloom is over. Happy stats: Thyroid, Iron, Glucose all look good. Based on the last measurements Baby A is weighing in at 6 pounds and Baby B is a good 5, pure awesomeness for twins! No wonder my belly feels so giant and tight - there's 11 pounds of baby in there!
My scheduled visits: I have Non-Stress tests every Monday and Friday, and various other appointments sprinkled in between. The docs seem to think that the girls will come at any time, but I hope they stick around till December, I'd love them to be able to be born and not have any NICU time!

Mommy training: I have started going to two groups: La Leche League and Moms of Multiples. La Leche is for breast feeding support - which I really hope will not be the nightmare that it has been made out to be. The Moms of Multiples is nice because its all women in my area that have twins themselves. Its great to meet with them and share experiences. Its amazing to me that birthing/child rearing is done by so many but really is a unique and individualized experience.
I am also reading three books at the moment: Hypnobirthing, Journey into Motherhood, and Mothering Multiples. I'm excited about Hypnobirthing since I didn't take any birthing classes. I like the idea of a self-induced hypnosis that's like meditation. I think anytime I've ever had pain I manage it by breathing and relaxing my mind and body together - so as I read I hope the book will just help me get better at that.
The Journey into Motherhood book is all about natural births. Having twins I feel like everyone s already on super high alert. I have had so many doc visits and extra tests and ultrasounds already. I know that when labor happens we'll have to do our part to convince the hospital that things really can be ok with twins. I really want a non-medicated vaginal birth. Actually - full on truth - I'd have all the drugs and c-sections in the world if their were no risks, but there are so many. And based on lots of reading and two fabulous documentaries (Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America), I've realized that my fear of medical bullying is not mine alone.
My goal is to let the girls work with my body and come as they want. I understand that there might be complications, and I will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe, but I am not willing to schedule a c-section for no reason. Basically I'm gonna go with the flow (and cross my fingers that the doc on duty when I check in is flexible and not on a tight schedule).

Babies, babies, babies: My world has been consumed with them! Maybe its cause I'm such a nerd, but I feel like I need to read and prepare and over-prepare and double check again! At the same time I'm a procrastinator, so there are things that need to be done that haven't been started. Oh! Vicious Cycle! :)


  1. I am REALLY enjoying reading your blog. My mother is a twin and there are other twins in my extended family, and isn't everybody just fascinated with the idea of twins?! I have two children; I did not have a multiple birth, but I do have two (now young adult) sons. I had non-medicated, natural births, actually home birth, because I did not trust the hospitals to honor my natural, non-medical approach (and perhaps also, my ability to demand it in a vulnerable childbirthing condition!). I had wonderful pregnancies and births. I expect this blog to end as soon as you have them!! So enjoy your time now!! Thanks again for writing all this! A Tucsonan. xoxoxxo

  2. Congrats Drea! I just saw Sam who told me. Check out my colleague's new video:
    Wishing you the best!