Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not your typical Friday night.

These girls keep me on my toes! The night before last I started to feel my tummy tighten. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks now so I didn't think anything of it, until it didn't get softer. Ever.
The night was uncomfortable and the next day my tummy was still hard. It wasn't painful, and I could still feel the girls moving about, so I kept trying different things to soften it. After noon or so I decided to call my doc. They didn't seem worried as long as I wasn't in pain and there was movement, so they advised me to relax and drink lots of fluid.
By the time dinner was finished I decided to call again. This time I spoke with a mid-wife and she wanted me to come in immediately. 7pm and off to the hospital. Not my ideal Friday night.
We drove the 40 minutes down to Zion and found our way through the hospital maze. Dan had to laugh at me cause I insisted on going up the stairs - all three flights (I have this thing about elevators. Just seems that I'd be pushing my luck by hopping into one. 8 months pregnant, possibly in labor, and I had to pee - it's like a sitcom plot line!)
They admitted me and began to monitor the babies right away. The heartbeats looked fine, but the contractions were kinda fast and frequent. The nurse was actually surprised that they weren't painful. By the time the doctor came in, she was in labor mode. At thirty four weeks they weren't gonna stop things if the girls were ready. Uh oh!
Fortunately, they let the monitors talk, and they gave me lots of water. After an hour or so everything had calmed down. I didn't even need the shot of Tribultaline to slow down the contractions. Sigh o' relief.
So first big hospital scare is out of the way. Lets not plan on having any others!

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