Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodness Gracious

I have four doctors appointments this week. Four. That much I can handle, but the further along I get it seems like there are more false alarms. That drives me bonkers. I am all for what's best for the girls, but it seems like every time there is the smallest glitch they not only want to send me in for more monitoring, but they also try to prepare me for the dreaded C word. I have full faith in these babies to make it through a natural delivery, but none of the professionals seem to.

Today I went in for my Monday morning Non-Stress Test at 9am. As usual, Baby A responded immediately, but Baby B was sleepy. Mostly she manages to squeek by the test and I don't have to do anything else, but today that was not the case (which I kinda think was my fault because I didn't have breakfast beforehand to help wake her up). Her little heartbeat dipped down a few times which put up a red flag. The nurse thought maybe she was laying on the cord. My doc came by and put in the order for me to go down to Zion for additional monitoring. She also was fairly convinced that since I am now past 36 weeks (full term for twins), that they would just book me for a Cesarean today. Pouty face.

I figure the only thing I can do in these situations is remain calm and take things as they come. So I called D and told him not to worry, then I drove the 40 min to the hospital. Labor and Delivery was packed when I arrived at 11ish. They didn't seem concerned with rushing me into a room, and it took almost an hour before I was hooked up to anything. All the nurses were sweet and thanked me for my patience, but each one of them said the same thing: Oh! You've made it to 36 weeks! That's so good, when is your C-Section scheduled?

It really bothers me that Cesareans are so common place that no one even assumes that I'd attempt a vaginal birth. Isn't this what my body is made for?

Thankfully, Baby B's heart was nice and strong. She was also responsive when the doctor on duty came in. I was released and finally got home to D (and food!), by 2:30.

Three more appointments to go this week. I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that they are routine and will not take forever.

Again - I have full faith in these babies. Together we can do it.


  1. It is absolutely amazing what our bodies can do. I have faith in you too!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is doing well; it seems like these little ladies have been keeping you on your toes! Keep vocalizing that you want a natural birth, especially if that's what you've decided is the best for you and your body. <3

  3. Have you seen The Business of Being Born yet? So interesting and gives a lot of information about the rise in Cesareans for the sake of convenience. I know that sometimes C's are necessary, but my fingers are crossed that you and your girls will get the natural birth you're hoping for!