Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tucson: Day 2

A good thing about flying across only one time zone - no jet lag.

On our second day in Tucson we got to hang with one of my favorite aunties. My mom was still on jury duty, so to start our day we met her for lunch. Chiquita may not like the car seat very much, but in her sling she tags along fairly well.  She chilled in the K'tan and stared at all the patrons while I had enchiladas - yum. After that we returned my mom to the dungeons of civic duty and the three of us headed to the mall.

Malls and I share very little love. The only time I really like them is during the holidays when they smell like baked goods and you can people watch for days. However, this was a necessary trip, because my feet hurt. Pregnancy made my feet grow two whole sizes. Post delivery they've shrunk a bit, but not all the way back to my size 7. Now I only have a couple of pairs of shoes that (kinda) fit me- flip flops, and a pair of $12 ballet flats that make my feet hurt. After the airport I realized I really needed a proper pair. This meant going into a physical store to try stuff on, no online way out of it.

Going to the mall also gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the stroller that my cousins gifted us. When we were expecting twins we bought a simple double snap-and-go for the girlies. It was an easy solution for the overwhelming task of finding the right stroller. When things went south, a couple of the ladies from the twin group were sweet enough to take the snap-and-go away. Since then it hasn't been in my heart to shop for a single stroller. So this used one that was lonely in storage, was a blessing.

Chiquita did well on her first excursion. I wouldn't say she loves the stroller, maybe she doesn't even like it, but she tolerated it for quite some time when it was in motion. And when it stopped, she was easily accessed to feed her the bottle. If my auntie hadn't been there it would have been far more challenging, but since she could entertain while I shopped, it worked out.  Within a couple of stores I found comfy shoes in my new size (only one size up from my original size).
The score: canvas Toms. They make my feet smile.

Post mall I was scheduled for a hair appointment. Each time I visit Tucson I make it a point to visit Gypsy (A Hair Salon). Jaci is one of my favorite people and she has been cutting/dyeing/shaving/styling my hair for years. With chiquita at the casa with my folks I got a chance to sit and get a non-rushed cut. One thing they don't tell you about motherhood is that everything you do for yourself gets pushed into fast-forward mode. I spend my free moments speeding through things like showering/eating/dressing/anything. So, to get a couple of hours when I wasn't distracted by chiquita's happiness and general well-being was quite a break.

See all that hair? You think I would have a buzz-cut after. Nope. Jaci rocks my socks.

By the time I got home everyone was ready to crash. Except chickadee - she beat 'em to it.

All asleep.

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