Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3 months!

Three months old: awesome! I am totally digging this mama thing.

Big changes: no more tummy aches! She is still a stinky gassy girl, but she doesn't wail with pain each time. OK docs, I'll give you this one, you were right with the whole "it gets better around 3 months" thing. Yeah, yeah ;) But I think it wasn't really Colic. People have told crazy horror stories about babies crying for hours on end. She never did that. Her gas pain would interrupt hr sleep, or hurt her momentarily, but she was easily soothed. Even with just that I had a seriously lack of sleep. So for all the Colic parents out there - I wish you quick relief!

Good stuff:
- She still loves her bouncer, mobile and gym.
- Smiling and baby talk are all the rage.
- She adores her sling and likes to walk around while facing outwards.
- Our night routine is solid. We wake up a couple of times to change the diaper and nurse, and we don't have to turn lights on or leave bed to do it!
- She's growing like a weed, which means cloth diapers finally fit well!

- She doesn't really like the car.  Often times she's cranky for most of the trip.
- She doesn't like her stroller. This one is new (since my cousin just gifted us her old jogger), but so far she complains as soon as she's in it (or shortly thereafter).
- She sleeps very lightly unless a) in someone's arms, b) laying next to me. Which means I have little free time (and I am becoming a very good one handed typist!)
- I am still working on my milk supply. I am now trying tea and lactation cookies. Bottom line: I need to pump more.
- She's still very much a mama's girl.

Big scaries:
- I didn't latch the car seat correctly and she toppled sideways in the backseat. I felt terrible! Mama guilt is starting early.
- Her oldest brother tripped while holding her and scared the bejeezus outta all of us. Luckily neither was hurt (but we called the doc just in case).

All in all I'd say month number three went well! I can see how people get wrapped up in this baby business!

She's discovered her hands.
With one of our best friends.

Watching daddy cook.

Meeting new friends.

So big and happy!

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  1. Oh...wow! The one with the cat...sweetness abounds! Drea, you guys really made such amazing gifts in your daughters, and Ripley's keeping Mia's flame burning in her gorgeous ways of love for you all!