Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chiquita's got mad skills

It's month three and chickadee is all about discovery. Everyday she seems more bright eyed and aware. People seem fairly impressed with her development. Add up her hair, big blue eyes and activity and the general consensus is that she's more toddler than baby.
 From the get-go she was super eager. The hospital pediatrician was surprised to see her lifting her neck and pushing her feet against the bassinet at a day old. I dunno, for me she's just my baby, I'm in no rush for her to grow up.
That said, I'm still delighted when she learns something new.

The big new thing this month is her hands. Not only have they hit her radar, but they're tasty! This is awesome for us cause chiquita does not like her pacifier. We have binkys of every shape and size, but she is not a fan. In the beginning she only wanted to pacify on a nipple, then she graduated to nipples and mommy/daddy fingers, and now she's had the glorious revelation of her own fists. It's kinda slobbery, but she is so very entertained by it.

Not only are her hands tasty, they are also useful. All those toys that hover above her head or at her side can now be grabbed!

 Her newest accomplishment is freedom from tummy time. She's never liked the belly down position and now she can flip away from it! This was so much fun that we did it all day!

Oh chica - I am so excited to watch you grow!

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