Monday, March 5, 2012

Rio Rico

If Tucson is a whirlwind, Rio Rico is the calm eye. Every time I visit the desert I spend a couple days down south at my dad's house. He lives up on a hill in a small town. When there we just sit and talk and eat, and if the weather is nice, enjoy the porch and sit and talk and eat some more :) It's a lovely break from the visiting madness.
Leeloo liked Rio Rico, especially since it was closer to our normal schedule, no car seats, just cuddles. The only draw back was that it was especially windy. Like her mama, chiquita is allergic to the desert. Luckily I brought The NoseFrida with us. When I first heard about the NoseFrida (or snotsucker as I call it), I was kinda queasy. Essentially its a syringe attached to a tube that allows you to literally suck the snot out of your child's nose (with a filter that prevents it from going anywhere near your mouth). After Rio Rico, I was sold. When chiquita couldn't breathe, I would use the snotsucker and be amazed at how much mucous would come out. After a few moments her nose would be clear and she could breathe again. It was kinda awesome. So, despite the gross-out factor, I hands down support this product as a must have. Yay snotsucker!

Morning coffee.

Making funny faces with nana.

Loving the time with her grandparents.

Showing her Tia how much she loves her bouncer.

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