Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waffles, yum.

Tucson trips are usually a whirlwind for me. I spend most days rushing from one place another, trying to visit as many people as possible. Unfortunately that usually means long days with short visits all over town. This tactic has (somewhat) worked in the past, but add a 3 month old who dislikes the car seat to that mix and you've got trouble. Being all new-mama like I was up for the challenge. Luckily for me my mom saw through my delusions and offered an easy solution. An open house. This way, friends and family could come see me, all at once, no driving or rushing necessary!

My moms second great idea was to hire her friend Jon Lehman to be in charge of the food. Jon, who is a masseuse, makes the best waffles I have ever had. I mean yum plus yum (then add some yum for good measure). You think this would be enough, but no, he also added fresh berries, whip cream, bacon and savory omelets to the mix. It was good to know that if people couldn't make it, we'd be well fed for days!

Wonderfully people did make it. The house was a buzz between 10 and 2. It was a little overwhelming to try to talk to everyone, but it was so lovely introduce the little one to the people I love. She cooed and flirted and was passed and kissed and cuddled. Somehow I need to figure out how to move my village from Tucson to San Diego, I have a feeling parenting would be heaps easier if they were all closer.

Meeting her great Aunt and Uncle.

Early birds get the first waffles!

She was worn out even before the party started!

With Stephanie.

Roxy liked the bouncer - I knew I lugged it on the plane for something!

Maya liked the decorations - Mexican chickens are fun!

Everyone wanted Roxy's polka-dot tights.

Lets play pass around the baby :)

If chiquita is ever missing, I'll look here first.

Her Uncle Chocolate Thunder.

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